Sidebar by Courthouse News

Sidebar Season Three - Official Trailer

January 13, 2023 Courthouse News Season 3 Episode 0
Sidebar by Courthouse News
Sidebar Season Three - Official Trailer
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Season three of Sidebar, a podcast from Courthouse News, kicks off just around the corner. Join our hosts and reporters as they take you around the nation to break down lawsuits, the law and how they impact you and the life you live. Follow us on Twitter @SidebarCNS and for more.

This episode was produced by Kirk McDaniel. Intro music by The Dead Pens.

Editorial staff is Bill Dotinga, Sean Duffy and Jamie Ross.

Nina Pullano: OK, is everybody here?  

Kirk McDaniel: Hey y’all, this is Kirk down in Austin, Texas.

Amanda Pampuro: Hey, it’s Amanda Pampuro coming to you from the Mile High City. 

Hillel Aron: This is Hillel Aron reporting live from Los Angeles, California. Well, not live.  

NP: All right -- and I’m Nina here in Brooklyn. Let’s do it. 

[Intro music]

HA: Oye, oye, oye.

NP: Oye, and welcome to Sidebar – a podcast from Courthouse News. It’s 2023 – and as the country seems to be eyeing the court system more closely than ever – we’re on the ground and across the United States, bringing you news and analysis, from the highest court decisions that shape American policy and culture, to those big celebrity cases that everyone is talking about, to the niche and wacky corners of the justice system that you may not even know existed. Join us for season three as we tackle law and politics from across the nation – the stuff that matters. We will see you soon. 

[Outro music]