Sidebar by Courthouse News

Sidebar Season Four - Official Trailer

January 09, 2024 Courthouse News Season 4 Episode 0
Sidebar by Courthouse News
Sidebar Season Four - Official Trailer
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Season four of Sidebar, a podcast from Courthouse News, kicks off just around the corner. Join our hosts and reporters as they take you around the nation to break down lawsuits, the law and how they impact you and the life you live. Follow us on Twitter @SidebarCNS and for more.

This episode was produced by Kirk McDaniel. Intro music by The Dead Pens.

Editorial staff is Bill Dotinga, Sean Duffy and Jamie Ross.

Hillel Aron: Please don’t.  

Kelsey Reichmann: I kind of have to.  

Amanda Pampuro: Do you?  

KR: I think it's my job as this podcast’s resident Swiftie.  

Kirk McDaniel: Here we go. 

KR: Are you ready for it?  

(Intro music)

KR: Welcome listeners to Sidebar, a podcast by Courthouse News. Unfortunately, Taylor isn’t here, but alas, we must persist. I’m Kelsey Reichmann coming to you from the nation's capital.  

HA: I'm Hillel Aron in Los Angeles, California.

AP: This is Amanda Pampuro in Denver.

KM: Kirk McDaniel in Austin, Texas.

KR: Just like Taylor, we’re dropping some Easter eggs as we usher in Season 4 of Sidebar where we’ll be covering all the biggest legal battles of 2024: abortion, guns, Trump. You name it, we got it. But you’ll also find deep dives on issues like true crime and the rise of the internet sleuth, product puffery and truth in advertising, and courthouse architecture. You won’t want to miss it. Episode one drops Jan. 23 on your preferred podcast medium. See you then.