Sidebar by Courthouse News

Sidebar - Official Trailer

January 13, 2022 Courthouse News Season 2 Episode 0
Sidebar by Courthouse News
Sidebar - Official Trailer
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Season two of Sidebar, a podcast from Courthouse News, kicks off just around the corner. Join our hosts and reporters as they take you around the nation to break down lawsuits, the law and how they impact you and the life you live. Follow us on Twitter @SidebarCNS and for more.

This episode was produced by Kirk McDaniel. Intro music by The Dead Pens.

Editorial staff is Bill Dotinga, Sean Duffy and Jamie Ross.

[Intro Music]

Bianca Bruno: Welcome to Sidebar. 

Nicholas Iovino: Welcome to Sidebar. 

Nina Pullano: Welcome to Sidebar. 

Kirk McDaniel: A podcast from Courthouse News. 

Amanda Pampuro: Coming to you from… 

BB: Sunny San Diego. 

NI: San Francisco. 

NP: Brooklyn. 

AP: Denver. 

KM: Austin, Texas. 

AP: ...and everywhere in between. The law isn’t written in stone. Sidebar is a podcast revealing how laws are written and rewritten, challenged and enforced, in the high courts and the court of public opinion. Join us in Season Two and follow us on Twitter @SidebarCNS, as we watch the law shape the world we live in. 

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